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Willoughby’s testimonials:

I’ve been a loyal customer of the Willoughby’s family for more than 30 years. Over the course of my photography career, Willoughby’s was by my side, not just because of their superb equipment but as a strong source of advice and support throughout my professional career. Every time I needed a camera, a video recorder or even a memory card, I received the same treatment, highly attentive customer service and the most competitive prices. Thank you for being the best in the business – I will not look elsewhere!! – Craig D., New York City

Willoughby’s has been around for so long that I just always feel like I am in good hands here. Their team is very knowledgeable and has been advising me on my camera purchases for 4 years now. If I ever have an issue, I know they are willing and ready to ensure I am satisfied. If you are looking for a good place that you can trust blindly for your photo needs, you found it here. – William G. Francks – Houston

When I learned that Willoughby’s expanded their presence to an online store I was the happiest person because it meant I would continue to be serviced by the best at the convenience of my own home. Their website has a huge selection of merchandise and I always find what I am looking for here. Whenever I have questions they take my calls promptly and make sure to do their best to make my experience as seamless as possible. I highly recommend their online and retail store, you will not be disappointed. – Vicky Provinos, New Jersey

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