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NYC Camera Repair

Camera repair and routine maintenance is an essential part of keeping your prized camera working correctly for many years to come. 

We have been selling cameras, photo equipment, and helping people enjoy their camera since 1898 -- so you might say we know a thing or two about camera repair and camera maintenance.

From novice to professional, even with the greatest of care, eventually, your camera is going to need a check-up. 

For the best camera repair experience in New York City, there are a few things you should consider before taking your camera to just any local store.  

At Willoughby's Camera, we want to fix your favorite camera as fast and easy as possible. 

Our customers have been looking to us for the best service and prices for generations, and we hope you will too!


Of course, you can search Google, do a few hours of research, and attempt to repair or clean your camera at home. However, the intricate parts of a highly calibrated digital camera does not easily lend itself to novice repair attempts. In our experience, when customers try to "do it by themselves" ithey end up spending more in professional repairs later. 

Get it done right the first time!

It is always best to work with trained camera repair professionals with the skills and ability to easily and affordably fix accidental damage. In addition, an experienced camera repair technician can teach you all about your specific make and model camera and how to better care for it! 


If you have decided it’s the right time to bring your camera in for a fix, you need to find the right camera repair company that you can trust. 

Choosing a camera repair company may seem easy, however it’s not as simple as you may think. 

First, before dropping it off, you want to do your research. Make sure that the company you choose has the experience to handle your specific make and model camera. 

We have been selling and repairing nearly every model from Canon, Fujifilm, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, and Sony for decades.

We also suggest reading online reviews of past customers and their experiences. 

At Willoughby's, we proudly have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and we have 5-star reviews from thousands of satisfied customers.

When you choose the right camera repair company, you will will minimize the chances of unexpected camera damage by inexperienced professionals, protect your warranty, and even save money. 


Camera Sensor Cleaning

A sensor cleaning is typically needed when dust or other air particles get into avital parts of the camera. You will easily be able to tell it is time for a sensor cleaning when you see dark spots on your images, always in the same place. An experienced camera repair professional will be able to complete the job with ease. 

DSLR Camera Lens Calibration (not for mirrorless cameras)

Over time, as you use your camera, you will notice a reduction in autofocus performance. A normal wear and tear of typical use, when this happens a simple calibration can correct the issue. A camera lens calibration requires setting adjustments to distance calculations, and to perform this task efficiently a trained camera repair technician must use trial and error to find the perfect adjustment. 

Camera LCD Repair or Digital Camera LCD Repair

Due to the delicate nature of LCD screens, it is common for an LCD to become scratched, cracked, bleed, not switch on, and more. A camera repair professional will replace the screen and your camera will look and work as good as new!   

Camera Shutter Replacement

The task of replacing a camera shutter requires expert knowledge of where all the camera parts belong. During this repair, the camera will be opened and to locate and replace the shutter. After the repair, each part needs to go exactly where it was before to ensure the camera's optimal functionality. 

Camera Cleaning 

Taking your camera out means exposing it to dust and dirt, which will impact performance. The dust, dirt and debris of frequent use can be easily cleaned off by a professional camera repair company. Most camera experts recommend you clean your camera several times a year.

Repair Camera Damage from Sand or Water

Water or sand can be very damaging to a camera, but a trained camera repair professional can assess the damage done to see if it is possible to clean, dry, or replace damaged parts. 

Repair Impact Damage to Cameras

Cameras are very delicate electronic instruments, and when they are dropped or banged into by other equipment, a lot of damage can be done. Once this happens, it is essential to have a trained professional carefully examine the damage as well as assess for possible hidden or interior impacts. 

Willoughby's looks forward to being your first and last choice for all your NYC camera repair needs.  
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