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Film Developing

Film Developing and Photo Printing in New York City

Film developing and photo printing has become a lost art. The ease of storing thousands of images on our camera or hard drive cannot replace the beauty of a professional, high-quality photo print.  This is why customer’s look to Willoughby’s when searching for the best film developing in New York City.

Whether you are an amateur photographer or a seasoned shutterbug, Willoughby's wants to make your photo printing and processing as easy, affordable, and convenient as possible.



It takes years to master the craft of film development and photo processing. Often considered one of the most intimidating parts of creating the art of photography, most professional photographers do not develop their own film; they trust the experts. 

Expensive tools and supples like tank systems, reels, measuring kits, a dark room, and a background in chemistry will make film developing difficult or impossible for most people. 

We have been working with photography lovers for over a century. Willoughby's has a talented and knowledgeable team of sales professionals and photography experts available online, by phone or at our midtown Manhattan location.



There are many film labs in New York City, and choosing the right place to develop and process your film can be confusing. 

You have spent time taking beautiful images, creating a lifetime of memories. Now you want to ensure that the team printing your pictures will share your passion and can provide the best professional photo printing and digital imaging services in NYC. 

Join the generations of happy customers who have trusted the expert staff at Willoughby's for all their film developing and processing.



Video to DVD

As times change, so does the format for your favorite memories. Adapting video to DVD is a simple, yet time-consuming task best left to experienced professionals. Once you submit your video to convert to DVD, we will get started right away with the best prices in town!

Video: (Video tapes (VHS, 8mm, Mini-Dv) to DVD, 8mm movie film to DVD, DVD and video duplication

Duplicating content requires multiple machines and skills and technical experience that most photo stores cannot match. 

When you drop off your video, DVD, film, or video, our team will carefully burn the content onto your choice of a new format with as many copies as you need.


Scanning: 35MM Film, APS Film, Slide Film

Scanning replaces a time-consuming darkroom or printing process, and we can do it fast. Our scanning professionals will use a scanner and advanced software along to ensure no smudges or blurs on your images.  

Printing: Color print film processing, Black & white film processing, E6 Slide film processing, 120, 220 and 4x5 film processing, APS Advantix film processing, 110 and 126 film processing

Exceptional high-quality materials, inks, photography paper, and more will ensure your best pictures receive the best color and black and white film processing and printing in New York City. Choose from Lustre or Glossy Photo Prints, or high-quality Metallic Prints.

Disposable Camera Developing

With so many types of disposable cameras available to choose from, you need experienced disposable camera development that is fast and easy. Tell our camera developing professional whether you would like matte or glossy finish, borders, and size. 

Photo Restoration

Photo restoration is a wonderful way to bring your old, faded, damaged photos back to life. The process demands skill and attention to detail. Each time a photo is restored, we treat it is a unique process. Our New York City photo restoration professionals will work with you to achieve the look and style you desire.  

Photo Retouching

Removal of objects, smoothing surfaces, color correction, and more. When it comes to retouching photos in New York City, you can be sure we will complete the task with skill and a steady eye and hand. Connect with our team to share your exact expectations to get the most out of your photo retouching. 

Willoughby's is one of the top-rated photography, video and audio equipment superstores in New York, we are known all over the world for our attentive, knowledgeable sales team, and outstanding customer service. 

Willoughby's has been helping customers capture, preserve, and protect precious memories for over a century. 

Contact us today to learn more about our top-rated film developing and photo printing services in New York City.

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