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Hasselblad Stellar Camera - Silver/Mahogany Wood


  • $ 99500

The Hasselblad Stellar Camera with Mahogany Wood Grip redefines quality with its elegantly designed aluminum body and metal operation controls. Only the finest materials are used to craft the ergonomic carbon fiber handgrip, making it a beautifully powerful, pocket-sized camera for those who want stunning photos, but don't want to have to worry about F-Stops and focal lengths.

The champagne-colored aluminum body and matching metal operation controls are further complemented by a custom hand grip. The hand grip is meticulously carved from a raw block of wood and fashioned by Hasselblad experts. Mahognay is a fine and even-grained wood and its reddish-brown color will darken over time. The mahogany wood hand grip provides extra stability and comfort when shooting. The Hasselblad Stellar also comes complete in a custom Hasselblad Stellar case, which includes a naturally tanned Italian leather wrist strap.